Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Went back up to Aldeburgh after that lot to retrieve the temporary bus stops. Both still there but one of them had been stripped of all the information stuck on it. In Aldeburgh of all places. Vandalism in Haverhill I can understand, but there! Very obscure. On the way back (sad confession alert) I called in at Jewel. I can kind of justify it by wanting to check the finance had gone through OK and wondering when they would want the first payment but I could have done that over the phone. Yup, I just wanted to look at my car again. Backfired though as they had it off site getting serviced and MOTd. Foiled!

In the evening we had a bit of a relaxed vegging out with the TV session. Great new series started with a bunch of historians etc trying to recreate part of Cook's voyage around Australia in a replica of Endeavour. called The Ship and recommended.

Today has been pretty frustrating as this damn PC keeps locking up and dying for no apparant reason. If I wasn't trying to build up the hours I'd just go home early. Didn't even go out at lunch as I was trying to get the thing sorted out. OK so that helps the hours as I only take 30 mins off rather than what I would have been out for but that ain't the point.

Have started on the proof checking of the next load of area books and really wish I wasn't. One of the most tedious things I have to do in this job but also pretty damn essential. Still, although there have been lots of changes since the last edition they have all been in the areas I haven't looked at yet so it hasn't been too arduous. That comes tomorrow! I have also whipped off a couple of Park & Ride posters and if they have been printed am off to deliver them now.

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