Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Oh goat, feeling all nervous and uptight just at the moment due to the impending final tooth extraction in just under two hours time. I'm sure it will go just as easily as theother two, but of course it is a lower rather than upper tooth and thus the brain reckons it will be different and a problem. So to try and distract myself here's a run down on the weekend.

Friday night was Chinese at Helen's and very nice it was too. A good evening withmuch hilarity and jolity.

Saturday Joan was at work and I was left to my own devices again. Spent most of the morning tidying and generally pottering about the house before Richard came along after lunch. Did a bit of Cubeing before he went home again then it was me getting the dinner ready and picking Joan up before a nice relaxed evening. Not very thrilling!

On Sunday Joan was also at work. Again I had a relaxed morning (well, I did some Ironing) before Richard came round for lunch. We then adjourned to the corner of the street as it was time for the Ipswich to Felixstowe historic vehicle run. Lots of old cars, vans, buses, bikes and the like making their way down to the beach for the afternoon. Including Ma & Pa in the Opel of course. The weather was lovely (I have the sunburn to prove that!) and I managed to get some good pictures. Which also finally let me prove the power of the camera on moving targets - now all I need to do is work out the delay between pressing the buton and the picture being taken properly to get better results. It isn't as quick as a normal camera in that aspect, but also isn't as slow as I was expecting resulting in a few pictures with the subject a bit further away than I was aiming for. And then there were thousands of people lining the route and down on the beach all afternoon so a good time was had by all and sundry.

Yesterday Joan was finally allowed a day off so we had a great day together. Went to the new shop in Ipswich - The Range. Sort of general cheap shop with some good stuff thrown in as well and a big garden centre. A kind of B&Q meets QD for those in the know. Can't say I'll be rushing back there on a regular basis but it might prove handy for the odd bargain (although whether they are still bargains after making the trip to Ipswich if you weren't going anyway is another matter). Then after a quick trip to Wickes to look at gates, and laughing at the cost of delivery, it was off to the Beagle for lunch. We decided we deserved a treat after Joan's recent suffering and my impending soft food. And very nice it was too. As always. Finished the afternoon off by planting the plants we'd bought earlier and then general lazing about for the rest of the evening.

So here I am again back in the here and now trying not to think about teeth too much. Finished Feet of Clay earlier having once again enjoyed the ending. Not sure what to read next so will report back on that later. Now I shall post this and find some other form of distraction.

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