Tuesday, May 06, 2003

OK, so once again I was injected with enough stuff for him to rip my tongue out with no pain never mind a tooth, but this one seems to have been the easiest of the lot. Certainly the quickest and no pain in the pulling part. So now my mouth is symmetrical again and I've managed a spot of soup for lunch. Just the dull throb from the needle impact craters to contend with at the moment. Having an hour or so snoozing earlier probably helped.

It has occurred to me that I forgot to mention that on Sunday night, care of the BBC, we did the national IQ test. I came out at 130 and Joan at 98. What that means is still to be decided - probably just that I read a bit more than she does and I didn't have to leave school and get a job so early.

Have also neglected to mention in the past that I have got my record player up and running again. So am now in the midst of transferring selected albums on to Mini Disc (and also just listening to them for the first time in years). Have been quite surprised by how few albums there are waiting to be done. OK, so I have replaced quite a number with CDs over the years, but there still don't seem to be very many in comparisson with the number of other formats kicking around the house. And yet all my friends at school were astounded by how many records I had. Must prove something or other but I can't think what. Anyway, am definitely enjoying getting re-acquainted with some of the stuff I've not been able to track down on CD. The Thompson Twins at this very moment in time.

Bookwise I settled on Mercator: The Man Who Mapped The Planet by Nicholas Crane. Obviously I can't comment much on the subject as yet due to only being a chapter or so in and him only being about 6, but the books so far is excellent. Wonderfully written with some great language in use.

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