Friday, May 09, 2003

Seems like it just goes to show - you don't get something for nothing. This last tooth may have been the easiest to come out with the least trauma at the time, but I'm still suffering in pain terms here. Mainly the rawness of the gaping hole but also a bit of residual jaw throb. Am going to attempt to get through today without resorting to pain kilers but am not too proud to give in if I have to. And from all the horror stories people were wafting around when I mentioned what was going to happen I still think I've had a better deal by getting it done at the dentist than by going the hospital route. No stitches, no bruising, able to eat again almost straight away... I'd just rather have not had them done in the first place because that would mean I wouldn't need what is still to come either.

Busy day yesterday sorting out book changes, book changes and book changes. Did manage to get out at Lunchtime though, and made the mistake of wandering in to Game. Where I ended up wandering out again with a copy of Beach Spikers. They had it new for £19.99 and second hand for £19.97 (!) but a bit of haggling got me another £5 off the second hand copy which was about what I was prepared to pay (after all, it was selling at £39.99 a few weeks ago and there was no way I was going to pay that much). Pretty good beach volleyball game that I look forward to getting the hang of. I also had to leave early to pick up a stock transfer from Argos. A bit of a pain so I tend to only do it if the customer is being a right pain or it is something that will get Joan in someone's good books. However, in this case the customer was me so I did it anyway. So I now also have a Wavebird wireless controller for the Cube. Only one, but at least if I'm using it on my own there is no more need for trailling cables across the lounge. And exhaustive play testing last night has proved it ti be in tip top working order.

Joan was out for dinner with friends so Richard came along. We whipped off a couple more two player levels on Timesplitters then had another go at sorting out some of the problems he's been having with his PC. To which end I have lent him my Zip drive for a few days as his seems to be causing crashes. Now he can at least see if mine will do the same through a different interface.

Got the news this morning that the purchase of land for Martlesham Park & Ride has finally gone through. So we can get cracking on building the thing now. Hoorah. Might still manage to be open for Christmas after all.

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