Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Well, there's no doubt about it. There is something very wrong in Michael Jackson's head. An absolutely fascinating program, but still many questions left unanswered. It was good to see him admitting to a bit of surgery on his nose (even if he denied any other deliberate changes) and getting a bit more of an insight into the problems of growing up in the spotlight that could have been the root causes of why he is like he is now, but other parts of what came out were definitely scary. Especially the still letting kids sleep in his bed. Now surely, after all the hassle from 10 years ago even he should be able to see that perhaps that is not a good idea. Odd.

OK, so he has far too much money for his own good. Which of course is also part of the problem. Anyone complains - just buy them off. Want something, just get it. The amount of money he was spending in one shop was enough to scare me. Still, I guess he did earn it.

The kids are my biggest concern though. All three of them are just too white to have anything to do with him genetically, but he still maintains they are his. Oh well, not really my problem and I guess I will now go back to normal.

Oh, and quarter past ten on day two - still no sign of the policy manager coming to introduce himself.

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