Monday, February 03, 2003

Ah, time to play catch up again. Put it all down to extreme laziness on my part.

Anyway, the snow did finally kick in properly on Thursday evening. Presumably it spread from the west - when we got up on Friday morning the whole world was covered in a nice fluffy white blanket. There had been a few flakes coming down when we went to bed but not that much! But, investigation of the news revealed people stuck in drifts all over the western end of Suffolk and into Cambridgeshire. In fact people having been there all night, and it turned out some ended up being there for nearly 24 hours. Not nice.

Still, we both got to work OK (with only a couple of minor slides on the untreated bits of Felixstowe) and I even managed to plonk myself nice and centrally in a space in the car park - despite all the lines being buried. Not everyone else managed the journey but there were enough of us to get on with stuff. Mainly trying to find out what, if anything, was actually running out there. The answer being not a lot!

In between that I also had a gripping meeting about Park & Ride at Martlesham and another group structure thingy one. Neither of them offering much attraction as an alternative to being sat at home by the fire I can tell you. Oh well, only a couple more weeks to go before a week off.

Saturday Joan was off and we had a nice slow start to the morning. A quick trip to the shops and then a lazy rest of the day. We got a bit of tidying up done and then Richard came round. Just as we were learning about the Shuttle exploding when coming in to land. Not a very welcome piece of news. I do hope that it won't mean the end of the space program as it is one of the few things in the real world that really does fascinate me. I know the chances of me ever getting in to orbit have now pretty much vanished, but I can still dream about it. Oh, and later on when we'd got over the shock we watched Monsters Inc. which was brilliant and had a nice stir-fry.

Yesterday, funnily enough, Joan was working to make up for having Saturday off. I got a stack of ironing done and played some games and stuff. Nowt thrilling really, just more chilling.

In the evening I ended up doing both round trips when Joan and Helen went to Bingo. And still no winnings. They have decided to give up on the Ipswich one for the time being so at least the mileage will decrease even if they still have no luck.

Today I am sat at the desk again, and Joan is off on her own (well, I expect Tawny will have been keeping her company). Been odd again this morning. Our new boss (Chris Seaman) and the new Policy (Peter Lee) manager have both started but only Chris has been down to speak to us. He has even gone so far as to sit at his desk! But this Peter chap is being very elusive. Not a good way to get us on his side I'm sure. Oh well, I'm sure he'll get around to it sooner or later. I'm muddling through with not much to do really just at the moment again. I ought to be starting a new Park & Ride newsletter but can't seem to muster up the enthusiasm for it. I think I will wait until next week after we've had the user group meeting.

Joan has just phoned - she has just given blood and is now on her way to the Doctors. For a pre-booked appointment I should stress, the two are not connected! She is going to make me one while she is there. I am determined to get myself off these blessed tablets this year and stay off them, even if I am still getting days of doom and despair. The trouble is, when I'm on one of those down days I wonder how on earth I would cope with them when I'm NOT taking the pills. Just have to try it and see I guess.

Not much else to say now. Got a couple of chapters further in to Otherland over the weekend but no real developments. Listened to some music, watched some TV. That sort of thing. Of course tonight is the big and much hyped interview of Michael Jackson on the telly, which promises numerous revelations and profound insights into why he is like he is. Should be interesting viewing I hope. Right, time to find something that looks like work to do before an early finish timed to pick Joan up...

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