Friday, February 07, 2003

Oh God, I think the last two days melted my brain to a serious extent. OK, so some of the course made sense and the training lady was very good at her stuff it just went over our heads for the most part. The words were all familiar, but the order of them was a bit suspect to say the least. I think it will make more sense in time as we start to get properly involved in more formal project working, but at the moment it just seems like a way of making more paperwork and meetings for things we do perfectly well already. And of course it was a bit of a whistle-stop tour around a Suffolk County Council version of a national standard so we were effectively summarising a modified summary. Still, on the plus side the food was rather good, although not to the standard we had at the Novotel before Christmas for the Business Plan day.

I'm not sure if the fact we were all from the same group was a help or a hindrance. She said that the courses she has run before were all to mixed subject groups so there was always a chance that someone would have encountered an example or situation before. With us it was a case of all or nothing every time. The rest of the group would probably not agree, but I get the feeling it would have been better formatted as a three day course as (a) the last afternoon felt very rushed and (b) we could have spent a bit more time trying to translate the concepts into examples we all understood. Oh well, we went and hopefully we learned.

Mind you, I was also hindered by a stinking cold which is still hanging over me. I get the feeling I will probably have trouble getting anything done tomorrow having forced myself to keep going up to now.

Entertainment wise I have delved further into the book, and we also squeezed a film in on Wednesday Night - Along Came A Spider with Morgan Freeman. The sequel to Kiss The Girls and just as brilliant. And once again I was totally drawn in but unable to work out who really done it before the final reveal. Which was nice - the one thing that puts me off so many films and tv shows is the obvious signals as to who the real bad guy is or which cast members will survice the massacre etc. And I do like the occasional real shock when suddenly the person you thought was the hero gets shot or turns nasty.

Today I have a meeting about ferries and a visit to the P&R sites. Better than staring at the screen all day I hope.

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