Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Finally got introduced to Peter Lee around lunchtime. But only after Gary had sent an email to one of his staff mentioning the fact that he hadn't said hello yet. What a great place this is. And now Charles is in a complete strop after being left with something he doesn't quite understand after everyone else has gone off to meetings. I'm just a bit jarred off with another load of changes coming in that have been given short notice support from Cambridgeshire County Council but sent out with errors in. Well, unless they've got new magical buses that can be in two different places at the same ime over there of course.

Oh well, at least I am out of the office for most of the rest of the week. Tomorrow and Thursday about 10 or so of us are on a Project Management course at the Holiday Inn on the edge of town. So two days of trying to stay awake whilst having information flung at us at vast speed I expect. With bigger problems in the afternoons as it seems the food up there is pretty darn good. Which is nice! It will mean no entries on here though for two days too unless I find time to connect in the evenings. Then Friday I have been roped into some meeting/project group to try and re-vitalise the Felixstowe - Harwich - Shotley ferry service and am taking a colleague up to see the P&R sites. From a personal point of view I'm pleased something is being done about the ferry as it needs help and I live in Felixstowe, but work wise I'm not so sure. I get the feeling I could end up with loads to do from it with very little prospect of a happy outcome. We shall see.

Seem to be getting along fine with Chris the boss so far. Have already started one project for him. Now all I have to do is work out how to fit information about approx 400 bus departures in to seven lines of text to go on a credit card sized info package. With a map on the other side (that bit's quite easy as it only has to cover 4 roads). I enjoy a challenge but this one could be pushing it a bit when it comes to legibility.

And now I'm caught in a cola war too. Britivc/Pepsi made me a good offer to replace the Coke machine at Bury Road P&R with one of theirs that does still as well as fizzy drinks. We have two machines at London Road to cover that but only room for one here. Now I've asked Coke to take theirs out they are going to try to get one of their new prototype ones that does the same. How do I get into these situations? Little old me playing two global corporations off against each other.

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