Monday, February 10, 2003

OK, so the ferry meeting was delayed by half an hour, but went alright in the end. It was just with Essex Council rather than the ferry operator so no worries about boat related timekeeping! And Chris the boss was suitably impressed with P&R so all went well there too.

Don't know what Charles was up to over the weekend, but he is in foul humour this morning. I could seriously use an excuse to get out of here for a couple of hours just to get away from him slamming things around and stuff like that. Plus there are still furniture moves going on which I could happily stay away from. Still, I am leaving early as I've finally managed to get in to see the Doctor this afternoon so perhaps the time will have come to get the tablet habit kicked.

Our weekend was much better than Chaz obviously had. Saturday Joan was at work but I managed to get a load more music sorted on to Mini Disc. Which I will no doubt start listening to properly again soon. Also cracked ahead with the ironing and got the house ready for the evening. When Helen, Bhupen & Alexander came round and we had another big chinese meal. Which was very nice. Managed to insert a bit of variety into the usual order we place when they are involved and it went down ok.

Yesterday we had a lazy start then braved the weather to come shopping here in Ipswich. The main aim was to get Joan a new jacket for work, but the shop I'd seen them in turned out to be shut. In fact, large numbers of shops were very much closed. Which puts another nail in the coffin for those who keep asking me why Park & Ride doesn't open on Sundays all year round. There was just not enough to bring punters in. In the end we just bought some bits and bobs for my Birthday. OK, so I won't have a surprise to unwrap but at least enjoyment of the end product will be guaranteed.

Later on we wandered around to Ma & Pa via the exciting (OK, perhaps I exaggerate a bit there) Lion Dance to welcome in Chinese new year (of the sheep!) outside the Magic Wok. Some pictures can be found on my fab new photo web site here: where you will have to excuse the illuminated rain drops in some shots.

Rounded the day off watching Basic Instinct from DVD. Only seen it once before, and that was about 6 years ago. I did remember who the villain was but none of the motives and whyfores etc so that side of it was still good. And yes, Ms Stone's bottom did look even more wonderful in digital colour. Not that I pay any attention to that sort fo thing, oh no. It dis also make me realise that despite him being such a huge star and all that, I can only think of two other Michael Douglas films I've actually seen - Black Rain and Falling Down. Both of which I have enjoyed but not led me to seek out his other roles.

Hey ho, only a week to go to our holidays now.

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