Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Had a bit of a later night than usual last night, but don't feel at all tired today which is nice. Plus not taken a tablet today as the first step in the weaning off process and no ill effects from that so far either. Mind you, I wasn't really expecting any on the first day, but you never know.

The reason for the late night was the return to the screens of In Deep but shown all in one night rather than across two as usual. A very good episode though despite the late finish. Been thinking about why this series appeals, and I think it is due to the focus on crimes other than murder all the time. So many of the police shows on at the moment concentrate on people getting chopped to bits or other such grisly ends. OK, these are still good drama but they do get a bit samey. Now all I wonder is if any tv company would have the guts to do a vice squad show. I know most American cop shows feature at least one visit to a strip club as part of every investigation, but one that concentrated on the seedier side of things could be quite fascinating.

Not much else going on today though.

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