Thursday, February 13, 2003

And I was right, of course. It all went very well last night. And because we recruited through surveying rather than people who had filled in comment cards we had a more varied bunch of interests rather than the one-topic obsessives of the past. Which also meant they were more willing to accept explanations of what was and was not possible in the real world and that Park & Ride is not the only factor that gets taken in to account when planning traffic flows and bus stops and the like.

As I type I am supposed to be in a meeting designed to address some of the issues on a more permanent basis but the person I am meeting has vanished. Must have been called off to something more urgent. I am hoping to get a shed load of building and re-shaping work done to smooth passage of cars and buses at the two sites and have got the money to do it. Very frustrating to be delayed like this though. Oh well.

Mind you, I wasn't certain of making it myself earlier. Not getting home until nearly 9pm was OK but for some reason I managed to stay in bed an extra hour this morning. I remember the alarm going off, but then must have coma-d out straight after. Bit of a mad dash and ended up with pretty much the last space in the car park, but made it in the end. Only one more wake up to the holidays! Yay!

Still no real plans for next week. Monday is the gum guy in Colchester and Friday we are considering London for my Birthday but nothing else firm. But one thing we are sure of is that we aren't going to let any possible terrorist threats stop us doing what we want. After all, fear of something is usually worse than the something itself. And a heck of a lot more likely. I do think some of the scenes from America we were seeing on the news last night are a bit over the top though. I know we have had the looming threat of things like the IRA for decades and they are just getting used to the idea of being attacked at home, but somehow I can't see anything being as bad as they are painting it. Let's hope I'm not the one to be proved wrong.

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