Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Now today I am tired. After a normal amount of sleep. Work that one out! Mind you, I did have a funny turn in the evening. We were just eating tea and watching tv when I came over all peculiar and thought I was going to throw up. Could be because they were talking about eye surgery at the time which does freak me out somewhat but could also be due to not taking a tablet. Will have to see what happens tomorrow. And of course hope that thinking about the possibility doesn't then make it happen. I love psychosomatic stuff!

Got the prices in for printing from Clowes today. They knock the curent amounts we are paying well off the scale so I think something will change in the not too distant future. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will get the chance to all sit down and sort out what we want to do for publicity for the next couple of years. It would be nice to have a plan to work to rather than flapping in the wind and being hit by surprises from the outside all the time.

We now have confirmation that we will be moving office to the other side of town by Christmas or thereabouts. The moaning from some quarters (well, Charles anyway) has reached annoying levels already. I'm quite looking forward to it in many ways as it will be nice to have a change of view but it might also mean major traffic problems or having to use Park & Ride every day as there are not likely to be enough parking spaces. It will also be further from the shops, which will probably be a good thing in the long run.

Park & Ride user group tonight. I think I am fully briefed and prepared and ready to go but there will no doubt be one or two issues that throw me. Oh well, at least one of the users will be nice - somehow my Mum has been invited along. Could be interesting. Hopefully it won't drag on too late as I could use an early night.

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