Thursday, July 04, 2002

Things went kinda downhill after that.

The meeting was just as irritating and dull as predicted, with yet more talking in circles based on the future of the group. Then when we got out we were given the proposed structure. It sucks big time. Not only have they split our team up, but everyone at my level currently gets upped to Senior Officer level except either me or Gary. We have to fight it out between us and the loser stays the same under the other. Like that won't cause any resentment! It took me several hours to come down to a mild simmer rather than full boiled anger last night, and I'm still pissed off this morning. I will be writing a very strongly worded note to someone about it, you can be sure of that. What makes it worse is that all the jobs seem to have been decided and allocated already. What happened to the group I was invited to be part of that was supposed to be doing that? I had enough of this kind of shit with Argos and I don't intend to suffer it here as well.

Joan & Helen didn't win either. Still, I did get to watch a great prog about Llamas on the Discovery Animal Channel which cheered me up quite a lot.

Today it isn't raining (yet!) so I might even get a bit of air at lunchtime. No word on the car either so perhaps it will be OK.

Joan is off today but has to pop in to work - her boss went to a meeting yesterday and phoned on her way home to say she had something to tell Joan. Why she couldn't have called in on her way home, given that the meeting finished at 4 is just one of those unsolved mysteries! When that is done she's going for a pedicure, which should be nice and relaxing for her.

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