Wednesday, July 03, 2002

General consensus from the morning meeting people was that it was a complete waste of time and I need to take a pillow/matchsticks/something to do. Oh great. They also overran, which is not my idea of fun as I want an early finish today.

Partly because of the car thing (still no response!) and also because Joan and Helen are having a night at the Bingo here in Ipswich tonite and this time I get to drop them off rather than pick them up. Which will be a rush to start with, but nice overall cos I'll be able to relax and not have to come out again. A big choice between sleeping a bit or shooting some aliens I think. Or, most likely, falling asleep at the keyboard!

Still raining so no visit to the town today. Which does at least mean no DVD purchases! Unless I get to the mail order sites on the web...

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