Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Hmm, a Wednesday that feels like a tuesday. Must be because I had Monday at home rather than any deep meaning. Then again, it could just be that I'm once again sat in a mostly empty office feeling a tad bored. Mostly empty because the meeting we thought we were having this afternoon about the future of the group (again) has turned into two meetings about how the group is going to meet the Council's 11 priorities. Only about three of those have any bearing on public transport so I'm not really sure how interesting or useful it will be. They have decided to do us in two halves so I'm down for the afternoon slot. Oh, I can't wait. To make me feel a whole lot better it is raining so I don't reckon I'll be going out at lunchtime, and I scraped someone's car when parking this morning. I don't think it is more than a bit of paint transfer that will polish out, but not a happy event. I have gone the official way to try and find out who it belongs to but had no response yet. I just hope they are a nice person and won't want lots of money from me. Of course, if people could park a bit better and not leave teeny-weeny gaps it would never have happened. :-(

We are also fretting over what to do about Ernie still. It was looking like we would be going up there tomorrow and back Friday just so he would see one or two of us, but Joan has decided it is too much for her to be a passenger for the trip. I don't mind doing the driving, but the decision is hers really. I think we will end up going up nearer the end of the month when her boss gets back from holiday. And for three or four days. It seems now he is not eating properly in the hospital and things are thus a bit more worrying for those of us 300 miles away.

Body Balance was good again last night - did a load of work on backs and abs again and once more I cam quite surprised at being able to stand up and eat today. There were a whole bunch of new people again last night, although I don't think some of those will be coming back from the comments they were making on the way out. I am quite surprised by that too - I would have expected it to settle down to a regular group by now rather than the constant flux in members we seem to have. Wil be interesting to see what happens when the school holidays kick in.

We still didn't sleep very well though. Just the worry I suppose, but if Joan doesn't get some rest soon she'll get ill herself.

Haven't really done any reading for days now either. Which means I'm still on the Classic Bus Tests. It is, however, proving interesting in some other respects as it also highlights how language and attitudes have changed over the last 60 or so years. F'rinstance, the pictures taken on a review carried out on "the hottest day of the year so far" (early June) still show the staff done up in huge coats and hats, whereas now you can bet on shorts and a t-shirt. I do really want to finish the book and move on to some fiction, but can't be bothered to pick it up at the moment. But, I haven't given up on a book in years, and don't intend to do so this time. Or to take a break and come back to it. Hey ho.

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