Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I think I sorted myself out in the end on Friday. The network at work started getting very wobbly and we lost communications with the outside world. I wrote a first draft of a press release then after hanging about for ages for the finished version and not getting it went home. I never know whether I'm saying the right thing for the politicians when I write them, but someone must have liked it as I heard it word for word on the radio this morning!

We went round to the White Horse for dinner, and very nice it was too. Then came back and got all upset again by Greene dying in ER!

Saturday Joan was at work. With a bit of assistance from Jerry I put the trellis up, and then as I was feeling in a garden mood cut the grass as well! That took me up to lunch so while I was eating I downloaded the two new games from Llamasoft. Get them if you can - great fun and value. In the afternoon I wandered in to town. Saw Joan and also got Seven (or, if you must, Se7en) on DVD for a tenner. Looking forward to watching that. And stacks of extras over two discs so it should easily eat up a whole weekend sometime. We had a lazy evening with Chinese food in the garden and then the classical concert from Buck House on the tv, which I have to say was really good. The cello piece in particular stood out for me.

Sunday Joan was off and we spent pretty much all the daylight hours outside. Whipped up to Homebase first thing for gravel, then used that to put the finishing touches to the patio. And that is definitely finished now. Then had Ma, Pa & Richard around for a pre-lunch drink on it to well and truly break it in to use. Then we went next door for lunch as Jerry was having a Barbie. Quite tasty and pretty good company too. Also got to see some cute little baby Wrens as some have nested in the roof of his garden swing seat thingy. I like nature. Only trouble was not realising quite how hot the sun was - my legs are now a lovely shade of pink!

In the evening we went to see Star Wars Episode II. Absolutely superb. Much better than the last one and full of really great standout moments. A couple of little gripes relating to the overall continuity (like, why does R2D2 have so much trouble climbing stairs when he seems to have a built in jet pack?) but nothing too drastic. And now I can look forward to Episode III expecting it to be good rather than merely hoping.

Yesterday we had a lazy start pottering about the house, then after lunch we hit the sea front. As part of the jubilee stuff the BBC had organised a load of bands and things all along the prom. 8 stages and other bits in between. It was really rather good at times. Thousands of people there, the sun shone, most of the music was great and best of all Joan got to have another chat with Mark Murphy from Radio Suffolk.

Aching feet by the end of the day though.

In the evening we went round to Ma & Pa's for a very nice meal and then back down the front for the jubilee fireworks. They were also very impressive - the best display I've seen in Felixstowe with some new types of firework too. And there was also a display going on at Walton On The Naze at the same time which we could see in the distance, which was fun.

Today Joan has to work and I guess I can hear the ironing calling me...

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