Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Back at work today. Not too much in the way of doom, gloom and misery though (apart from the weather) as I've been concentrating on writing up what I actually do with my time before my contribution to the group review later today. Also found out a few more details about when the Queen is coming to Ipswich in July - I think I might stay at home that day, probably the safest option in the long run!

I went round to help empty Richard's room before the builders move in today and very nearly walked out again. I'm there to help with TV and heavy stuff and he's faffing about with mini-discs and "ooh, I haven't decided where to put that yet". Like time was not a problem. I got reasonably sharp with him but he was still doing my head no favours. Oh well, I did what I could then came home again.

Last night was Body Balance session 3. Again very good, but I think we are going to have to start practicing between times now as it is getting quite complex and speeding up a bit on the newer moves. Did a bit of it in groups leaning on each other - which was quite good as the girls Joan & I teamed up with were just as prone to collapsing in gigles as us.

Suffolk Show is on this week after being cancelled last year due to foot & mouth but I don't think we will be getting to it. Joan is on a course on the Thursday and I don't think I can get Friday off so perhaps next year.

Joan and Helen are at Bingo tonite, so I'll have an evening of games with Richards Nintendo 64 wot I've borrowed.

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