Friday, June 07, 2002

Err, I knew there was something I hadn't done yesterday. And this is it.

Not that there was much to report. Half the office still not about - Gary is now back but Dawn on holiday instead and it is even worse today. OK, so some people have the day off to watch the football or go to the Suffolk Show, but it really is deserted in here today. Which is quite nice when there's a lot to do and distractions are not welcome, but I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment! I'm sure there are one or two things I should be doing, but can't be arsed.

Last night we watched a bit of the Jubilee pop/rock concert. Quite good in places, but some problems with the mikes in others. Will probably finish it this evening as there is bugger all being transmitted worth watching at the moment. Roll on the end of the World Cup.

Still not got anything for Mum for her birthday. Which is today. Delivered the card on the way to work this morning but inspiration for the pressies is very thin on the ground.

Joan getting her back cracked this afternoon so another early finish for me. What a shame! Time for a spot of lunch now.

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