Friday, March 08, 2002

Had another one of those lousy feeling crap moments today. Trouble was I was in the middle of Mildenhall doing roadside publicity when it happened so didn't have the same turn round option. A bit of fresh air got me on the way again, but I still feel pretty grotty. Still, got the job finished so all the complaining punters will at least have timetables to look at while they wait for the revised buses on Monday. No doubt some bugger will miss one tomorrow as they haven't got the old version to look at, but that's just tough. I ain't going out doing them at the weekend for nobody. Oh, and we actually had a thank you email from one of the managers, which is rather unusual...

Nearly finished HP now and looking forward to book 2, but I thin kI will make myself wait by cramming in some non-fiction first. Probably one of the old Buses Yearbooks I got cheap and haven't read yet.

Off home now for a relaxing weekend I hope.

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