Tuesday, March 05, 2002

All that catching up yesterday and I completely forgot about the Grand Prix. Not quite the start to the season I was hoping for but well done to Mark Webber scoring at home on his debut. The accident with Ralph was fairly spectacular but I was very surprised that they didn't stop the race. Better luck next time to the half of the field wiped out before the first corner. Also looking forward to seeing what happens with the Prost entry - have heard that it has been bought by both Tom Walkinshaw of Arrows and VW to use as a Skoda team. Either option could be interesting, but will need a lot of money pumping in.

Bit quiet in the office so far today. Most of the team is off sick or on holiday with meetings eating up those who are left. I'm trying to write my latest Park & Ride newsletter but can't quite get motivated on it yet. Off to Bedford tomorrow to talk about Sunday ticketing. Not sure my contribution will really be worth all the effort involved in travel and time, but at least I will have the opportunity to get on with some reading. We are also having a strange bloke on the phone trying to get an injunction out to stop a bus service changing next week. Most peculiar.

Didn't do any painting in the end last night as the carpet is not coming until next week, so I can finish off at the weekend instead. I did print out a couple of photos to frame for the walls so it will be nice to look at something I've created rather than the usual "art". Not that I don't like art, you understand.

That'll do for now.

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