Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Urk, two whole days without sticking anything up. What can my excuse be? Actually, I don't have one other than laziness! So, what was the weekend like?

Finished the encyclopaedia and now catching up on a few magazines before deciding what to pick next book-wise. First up is F1 Racing. I used to be an ultra dedicated fan of the fast cars, but I have to say my interest in watching the races on TV has waned somewhat since ITV took over the coverage. Those adverts just get on my wick. I also wish they'd cut down on the pitstops (and overtaking within them) and get back to some proper racing with lots of real on-track battles. I do still enjoy reading the analysis and interviews though. And the pictures are uniformly excellent.

Following F1R will be SFX and Classic Rock. Well, you have to keep abreast of music, books & films somehow.

Today we are supposed to be receiving visitors from Norfolk & Cambridgeshire to talk about working together on publicity and the like. Trouble is, Norfolk have already had to cancel so it won't be much of a meeting at this rate. We shall see.

Not a lot else to add for the moment really. Didn't really do anything spectacular on Sunday. Most exciting thing was a bit more clearance of the spare bedroom prior to attacking it with the paint and rollers. Then when that is finished we can do our room again and finally get the new wardrobes we've been promising ourselves for 5 years now! More on that when it happens.

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