Thursday, April 15, 2004

Well, it has been official for a bit over 24 hours now. From May the Fourth I will be Senior Public Transport Officer - Network Design (Central) or some such glorified title. Chris and Ian pulled me to one side at half past one to confirm the good news. And I was in my first relevant meeting at two. Fastest piece of action anyone has seen round here for years! Obviously I'm still nervous about my abilities but really looking forward to the change. I will have to move desks and don't get a choice as I have been paired with Sue from the Community Transport Team so have to sit next to her. That means my view will be even more restricted, being straight on to the grey cabinets on the end wall, but at least I won't have my back to them and be bothered by all and sundry making use of them.

Just waiting for the official letter now. And news of how much money it will all be worth to me.

Which means I now have to start telling people and planning for my successor. So I've written one procedure today and told everyone at the ATCO publicity meetings they will need to find a new scribe.

Meanwhile, Charles has been told off for bad-mouthing the new building. Apparently Mitchell has had three complaints about him complaining to all and sundry. Great. While Barry was chosen to go and meet the press to say how nice the place ie. What's that saying about pleasing some of the people all of the time again?

Yesterday's entertainment came from Catch Me If You Can which was, frankly, brilliant. A really good film, and based on a
true story too. Looking forward to taking a peek at the extras on disc 2 now. Have also finished the maps book. Really fascinating stuff and it has inspired me to dig out some of my books on old maps to do a bit of scanning come the weekend.

Am now on to Sunrunner's Fire, third of the Melanie Rawn books.

Oh yes, and today is Richard's birthday so we will be popping along there tonight.

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