Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I've walked all the way up to the fifth floor twice today now, and feel incredibly virtuous and healthy as a result. Yeah, right. I've just got wobbly thighs and a reminder of how unfit I really am. Still, I will just have to keep plodding upwards on a regular basis and hope it helps in the long term. When I think how quickly I used to get up to the 9th floor at College... Mind you, that was 12 years ago.

Today has been the final interview for the other SPTO post. Hopefully they will award the job to David from Education Transport who it was they saw, rather than having to re-advertise, but he said they weren't very forthcoming when he came out. It would also seem they asked him a lot of stuff about our targets and so forth which he doesn't really know much about as yet. Which seems a bit unfair but there you are.

So, what else has been going on? Friday was Helen's birthday so we went up there for a Chinese after work. Not bad, but not as good as the food from the Magic Wok (it is so bad for the waistline having the best Chinese in town at the end of the road). Saturday and Sunday Joan was working so I just mooched about the house really. Saturday night we went along to Ma & Pa's for the meal to go with Richard's birthday. And then another week at work.

I am now headlong into handover mode, producing procedure documents for all my current jobs and starting to look at new stuff.

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