Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I'm devastated. Right now I should be on the way to Stowmarket to bring a mini-bus back to Ipswich, but they've changed the schedules so I don't have to go. Such a shame, would have been my first go at actually driving something officially used to carry passengers... And a proper purpose-built one at that, not just a converted van. Hey ho, one of these days. As it stands I have just been interviewed for the Department's attempt to get re-accredited for Investors in People status along with a couple of others from the New Routes team. So I think we gave a good account of what we do, why we do it etc. I get the feeling that if we don't get the plaque on the wall it won't be our fault at least.

The review yesterday went OK - literally just a five minute check I was roughly where I ought to be target-wise then in to a normal 1 to 1 session. And being pretty much on target hadn't stopped me being paranoid about the whole thing though. Wonder if I will ever just be able to relax and enjoy the job. Which today has seen me finishing off some advert designs to go in a cinema magazine and starting the wheels in motion for production of some alternative publicity formats. All of which might just help pull in a few more passengers across the county. And also spend some of the extra money we've been told to spend quickly. Which is of course for revenue purposes only, and not something we can use to rebuild the low bridge at London Road Park & Ride so we can use bigger buses. Harumph. Also had Secured car park status at Bury Road re-awarded for another year. Which was nice.

Had the first "Back at Argos" dream in ages last night. Definitely meant to be Stowmarket, but moved to an attractive riverside location and seriously expanded. If the place had really been like that I might have stayed.

Back to the Spa again tonight to see Pam Ayres. I was wondering whether really I'm too young to be enjoying people like her and Richard Digance, but frankly we laughed so much last week that I've given up caring. Never exactly been deliberatelty fashionable in my tastes. I just go with what I like.

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