Monday, November 24, 2003

And another reasonably good weekend has passed. So where was I?

Oh yes, Richard Digance. Very obviously a bit under the weather with a cold, but still gave a very good show. Quite a few songs and jokes we'd not heard before (or at least not for 10+ years) mixed in with the more familiar stuff. Plus he is actually rather good when it comes to playing the guitar. A very enjoyable evening's entertainment. Then as we were
driving home it started to rain. And basically it didn't stop again until sometime between us going to bed last night and getting up again this morning. So a wet weekend all told.

Friday was mainly Park & Ride stuff for me again - in the morning meeting with the engineers to see if some modifications we want to the older sites are possible and affordable, and in the afternoon seeing about a new stop for Martlesham. The latter of which meant a trip up the road in the rain.

Saturday Joan was working so I just pottered about, ironed and stuff. Then yesterday was Ma & Pa's annual "Its nearly Christmas" party so we went along to that. Good food, drink and chat as usual.

So, nothing startling but nothing bad either.

Am now on to the final Gap book - The Gap In To Ruin - This Day All Gods Die and beginning to see things coming to the end. Defnitely enjoyed the whole series but I don't think it will get re-read as often as some others. Not sure what I will go for next either, something a bit lighter I expect.

And now I'd better start putting together the evidence of where I am with my targets in advance of my interim review meeting tomorrow.

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