Monday, September 01, 2003

I think "Squabble" is a good word to use for an overview of some of what I am now going to relate...

We did pop up to see Helen during Saturday afternoon (Bhupen & Alexander having come home and gone straight to bed) and it seems that a large part of their holiday saw them witnessing family feuding between Sheila & Stewart and Caroline & Chris as well as much sponging off the former by the latter. Once again I am quite glad that in the end we didn't join them - I got enough of that 2 years ago thank you very much. When I go on holiday I want to relax, not listen to others arguing all the time. And that after they had the delays on the way out, the big Blackout to contend with and, to put the icing on the cake, Helen had to give some medical aid to a fellow passenger on the plane home. Oh well, I'm sure our trip to Switzerland will be fine.

Yesterday we took it pretty easy. Lots of tidying up around the house then a trip to Ma & Pa's to give them their wedding anniversary present. 35 years is the Coral anniversary, but rather then buying them a chunk of the great barrier reef we settled for a grilling machine instead. Well, it was what they wanted.

Also over the weekend we watched both Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 which were both funny. And it was nice to see the start of the first one, and indeed to see it properly - wehn we watched it before it was at Helen & Bhupen's not long after they had got their widescreen tv and thus we got to see the normal aspect picture stretched out making everyone look short and fat. One of my pet hates that is, tv pictures being shown in the wrong ratio but there isn't much you can do to tell people they are seeing things the wrong way. At least more and more stuff is being transmitted in widescreen now so the chances of having to sit through something looking dire are becoming fewer and far between.

Finished the Brunel book yesterday - as I said already, fascinating stuff. There is a prog about his Great Eastern on the BBC this week which should be worth a look. I will have to get something on the Stephensons now to add to the railway buildser knowledge I seem to be accumulating. Not started anything else yet - I am just going to catch up on a bunch of articles I have lying about then embark on a new book as part of the holiday.

Today got off to a bang with a meeting about how we could do some quick & dirty marketing and publicity to try and get more passengers in the short term. Except the first 45 minutes or so degenerated in to one big argument between Sonic and Peter the Marketing manager (down to what the meeting should have been about, never mind anything else). Quite fun to watch if a bit uncomfortable in places. Not the sort of example you expect managers to be setting really. Calmed down in the end when I made a useful suggestion and we got moving from then on. That was followed by a meeting with a firm who should be able to do some distribution for us (if the money can be found) which will help me with my targets if nothing else.

Oh well, now the afternoon is almost over so I think it is time for me to go home. 4 days to go...

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