Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Well, the new computer seems to be working pretty much OK. Now I've delved in to the settings, resurrected some bits I cunningly copied across to the network, re-installed all the extra fonts I need to actually do my job and so forth. OK, so I can still only print from Windows to one of the numerous printers I am supposed to be able to access (and yet they have got the DOS printing side of things right without being prompted) but otherwise all seems reasonable - they even managed to keep my Zip drive working. Plus the new keyboard is very nice to use, the mouse is optical and rather swish (and again they managed to provide one with a wheel rather than me having to dig out my old one) and the monitor is a very tasty large flatscreen one. Which I wouldn't mind at home quite frankly. All in all it has made coming back here after four days away almost tolerable. That and the choccy biccies Gary provided after his day trip to France on Saturday and the cream scone related to Danny's birthday a couple of weeks ago (luckily he bought the cakes today - they haven't been hanging around since the actual date...).

Of course it turns out that we have also lost access to one or two programs (including our main public transport database) as they aren't Windows 2000 compatible. Reckon someone screwed up there, but not my problem.

Finished off the weekend last night by watching American Beauty. A very good film. Not 100% sure if I grasped all of it but I did enjoy the majority which I understood. I can certainly see how it ended up winning shedloads of Oscars and BAFTAs and other awards. The I had one of those nights of fragmented dreams (installing a stair lift at Ma & Pa's house, going to a party dressed as one of the girls from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, shopping and other bits) that just leaves you feeling totally flummoxed in the morning.

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