Sunday, August 24, 2003

Hmm, so after posting that lot Mitchell came round on one of his regular "you've written some good letters taking the initiativem well done" visits, which was nice. But there is no extra money to be had for writing a good letter so I was still looking in the jobs pages Wednesday night! And indeed phoning up for another one with the police - assistant facilities co-ordinator. The form has now arrived and I'm not sure if I will stand a chance of getting an interview, but it might be worth a shot. Currently have the one application in process at Ipswich Borough Council so hoping to hear from them about an interview this week. I know I have pretty much everything they were looking for on that one...

Thursday was one of those days where you think you've acheived nothing despite working your socks off all day. I'm sure when I go back on Tuesday and take a look there will be lots of things I can list as having doen, just can't recall them now. I did get another well done - this time off Sonic for a report I'd written which he liked but Ian and Mitchell want radically changed before it goes to members. Oh well. Then just as I was leaving my new PC turned up. Hopefully it will work by the time I get to it on Tuesday.

Friday I had a course on Microsoft Project. It was taught by the same woman who did our project management course earlier in the year so at least she knew what we knew about projects to start with. Quite interesting and I think I will make use of the software once we get it installed. It was held at one of our more interesting buildings - Belstead House on the edge of Ipswich. An old rambling property, with lots of different rooms tucked away in corners, nice grounds and a resident cat. Pity the food was a bit naff though - just a boring buffet. Last time I was there it was proper cooked meals. But, it was better than being in the office with people wanting stuff done and the phone and stuff. Made a nice introduction to the long weekend.

So, yesterday Joan and I went out for another lunch in the country. This time up the coast to Dunwich where we had a nice picnic in the shadow of the old priory and then got rained on. Not quite sure why the priory ended up in ruins as none of the info boards said, but most of the town is actually under the waves now having been swallowed up gradually since the 13th century. Would probably make a very interesting Dive in some parts I imagine. We then wound our way back through the rather pretty villages and towns down the coast (Aldeburgh, Leiston, Snape, Eyke etc) before both feeling zonked and having a couple of hours sleep to finish off the afternoon.

Today I have shopped while Joan takes it easy, and later we are off to Ma & Pa's for tea as Grandma is up for the week. We have also watched The Patriot with Mel Gibson which was rather good and entertaining (although no doubt historically dubious).

Finished the Engineering book and was once again staggered by thescope of some of the projects covered. Amazing vision thos people had. Now reading London Trolleybus Chronology 1931 to 1962 by Mick Webber which isn't as sad and anorak-y as it sounds! Well, maybe a bit. But despite them stopping in London 9 years before I was born I've always liked Trolleybuses and some of the pics are fascinating for their recording other aspects of the times as well as just the vehicles - the shop fronts, adverts, clothes, cars and things are all interesting to me.

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