Monday, November 11, 2002

Bluuuurgh. Still feeling pretty rough today, but better than I have been so hopefully over the worst now. Mind you, not really had anything cold-like on a serious scale for a couple of years now so I should be counting my blessings and not moaning.

Saturday went brilliantly well. The coach was a double-decker so we had a great view of all the sights etc as we drove in and out (OK, so we also saw some of the grottier parts of the east end but the Thames all lit up at night is still wonderful). There were 3 hours or so to kill between arrival and curtain up so we had a wander down to Covent Garden (finally got hold of a book I was after from the LT museum shop) and another nice Garfunkels lunch. Must try somewhere else next time though. Then it was off to the Theatre to be entertained.

And entertained we truly were. Not knowing anything of the plot of Les Miserables I wasn't sure what we should expect but what came along was very good indeed. Basically, bloke gets freed from chain gang on parole, jumps ship, gets redeemed, becomes mayor of a town and then is forced to reveal himself to the policeman hunting him down in order to free an innocent bloke. Runs again and gets involved with revolutionaries in Paris, one of whom falls in love with adopted daughter. Meets up with copper again then dies of old age. Plot summaries R us! All the performers were superb singers and although minimal in style the stage set and scenery fitted the production perfectly. With very good use made of a revolving stage and things on rails.

So I am now a committed fan (!) of the London Big Production (a phrase which is no doubt (c) Andrew Lloyd-Webber even though I just made it up) and want to see more things on the professional stage. Hopefully now I am on the list we will get the chance a couple of times per year. More than that could end up getting a bit expensive.

And we got back in time for Joan to watch the remembrance thing from the Albert Hall.

Yesterday Joan was back at work so I put what energy I had into getting the house further towards normal again. The shelves in the dining room are now fully stocked with books again and after some further tidying after Joan came home it all looks very nice. Richard cam round and helped a bit too so I let him have a cube session as a reward (well, I wanted to see what 2 player mode on Zoocube was like!).

Today has been pretty dull so far. There was a fire alarm test which livened things up a fraction. And of course, standing out in the cold for 10 minutes while they count us always makes the office seem warmer upon returning.

Right, now to see what else I can do while trying not to fell so grotty.

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