Friday, November 08, 2002

This has turned out to be a very dismal day weather wise, and I am feeling like I'm coming down with a bad cold or the flu or something which is definitely NOT good, what with tomorrow looming and all. The sense of taste has gone all to pot and I have a stuffed up feeling with aches in the legs. The latter could be from numerous trips up and down the stairs last night bringing books back to the dining room of course, but that won't explain the rest. Hope I feel OK for the theatre trip. WOuld be an absolute bummer to miss it.

Anyway, managed to get the camera all plugged in and installed on the PC and transfer pics off it fine. OK, so it then crashed when I tried to open up the interweb and refused to start up again for so long I thought I'd killed it for good. Had to go via Safe Mode in the end which did the trick but had me feeling sick as a dog for a while. I hate it when expensive things don't work properly as I always fret about what it might cost to get them sorted out. Still, it all seems fine now, with the large memory card and tv-link also proving to be successful. Now all I need to do is work out how to insert pictures here and this can be regularly illustrated.

Not been further than Alberts today due to the torrential rain so no shopping at least.

Will have to get some dosh before tomorrow at some point so hopefully it will stop or ease up soon so I can do it on the way home. Only another hour or so before I leave.

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