Thursday, May 09, 2002

Yesterday went really well. Got there nice and early, had a very interesting presentation, a good meeting, a nice lunch and a nose about the city on a new bus. And another 110 miles to claim for! I do like Cambridge, and must go up there for a shopping day sometime soon. When warm weather can be guaranteed.

Today has been work and more work. Had a surprise timetable change come in just when I thought I'd managed to get the whole set of books finished. Luckily it wasn't for one of the three that have already gone to press so we have been able to slip it in. Actress, Bishop etc. I'm once again getting frustrated by the things that are going on in here, but am trying not to get too affected by it. Have booked three days off next week to try and clear my head of it all. Plus Shiela will be back with us so we can have a couple of days out.

Nothing much else exciting has happened...

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