Monday, May 13, 2002

Why does time have to pass so quickly? What ever happened to the weekend? Stay tuned for the answers to these questions, and more....!

Friday went in a real rush. I had to meet some people at Park & Ride in the morning, so spent most of the time trying to get stuff done before that, then in the afternoon I was leaving early to go to the dentist, so more rushing to finish things off. Third of the four hygenist visits, so not particularly fun. I did find out why they can't inject lower jaws though - all to do with nerve distribution and bone density. Then Sheila was back in Suffolk so we went along to Helen's for tea.

Saturday Joan was at work so I pottered about here for a while, did some Ironing, that sort of thing before heading up to Ipswich with Richard. Had to replace the joypad he got me for Christmas due to it breaking last week! Helen invited us up for dinner again, and after that the girls went to Bingo so I had a nice quiet evening.

Yesterday we did our own things in the morning - they went to the market, we went to Homebase and bought plants for the garden as well as doing some shopping. Had everyone over here for dinner and Shiela is now staying with us until the end of the week. A fun evening, even if I was feeling a little down for no apparent reason.

Today we have been into town and now they are Bingoing again. So time for me to put my feet up a little I reckon.

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