Friday, May 17, 2002

Three sunny days in a row, must have been a mistake made somewhere in the weather planning bureau.

Had the consultation meeting with the assistant directors on the staffing review this morning. I think some new ground was covered rather than the usual circular arguments but I wouldn't like to state exactly what. And we do now have a deadline to try and get a new structure in place, vacancies filled etc. So, roll on September and let us see.

Just been up the town in the sun. Saw Joan & the sisters as they were having lunch before hitting the shops in a big way. Wonder what they will buy. I know I have to wait here until they want to go home though to save them the bus fare! I got the latest Terry Pratchett book to hit paperback (Thief of Time) which I will look forward to reading. Not just yet though, as I think the next fiction in line will be Harry Potter 3.

Watched Billy Elliot again last night. Just as brilliant on the second viewing, although some of the continual bad language does grate after a while. I know it adds to the realism to a point, but it begins to lose the impact when it gets that frequent.

Only a few hours to go until freedom kicks in for the weekend.

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