Thursday, May 02, 2002

Just had a lucky escape - been to do a spot of shopping, got back and now it is raining like it's going out of fashion. Hee hee. Basement flood imminent I think.

Yesterday was both great and horrible. The grotty bits were all related to work, strangely enough. Had a little presentation at Park & Ride for the charter mark. Just the director and one councillor handing over certificates and getting their picture took. You'd think that would be fairly straightforward, but the number of people who have to stick their nose in or have an opinion is just unbelievable. Oh well, it seems to be calm again now. And good news is that two of the sicko's are back at work today, unfortunately we've lost someone else to it to compensate.

The good bit from yesterday was stonkingly good though. Finally got my hands on a copy of Jean M. Auel's The Shelters Of Stone. Only been waiting 12 years for it to be published so I had to invest in the hardback! Looks like the fiction/non-fiction alternating pattern will have to take a back seat for now as I don't intend to wait any longer than finishing the Anne McC book before I start that one, and with any luck that will be tonight. Another 700+ pages of prehistoric fun and frolics await. I was also tickled by the quote WH Smiths are putting on their carrier bags at the moment: Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read Groucho Marx. Oh, and am thoroughly enjoying the Skies of Pern despite the slightly glaring continuity glitches. I suppose they are inevitable in a series that developes over as much time as this one has and the author tends to jump around rather than always writing the next book to follow on from the last, but it does niggle me when things are referred to as gospel that weren't mentioned in a previous book because they hadn't actually been thought of then.

Nothing else to say for now, but I might be back later if things spring to mind.

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