Tuesday, April 30, 2002

OK, I've had enough of the rain now thankyouverymuch. Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so windy at the same time - when you need 2 hands on the brolly it isn't nearly as much fun. And I've got to get out of the building at some point today as I have things to buy and pick up from Park & Ride and stuff.

Anyway, I blew another fiver on a PC game on Sunday (at Sainsburys of all places) and am now getting to grips with Grand Theft Auto (and the London expansion levels, all in the price!). Took a while to figure out a control method that worked with my joypad, but am happy now. I think I will have to try not playing anything tonight though to give my thumbs a rest.

Not done anything else with the pics I scanned yet, so you'll have to wait a little longer.

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