Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Clary, Clary, Quite Contrary

As mentioned last month, we saw Mr Julian Clary last week in Ipswich. He was, as expected, really rather funny and not a little but rude. From his entrance on roller skates (add your own double entendres throughout!) to a demonstration of psychic powers he was at his campest and seemed pretty much on form. Not sure if he was truly giving us his all, but he certainly gave a good impression of putting everything into his performance. And anyone who can make a few titbits from the local paper that funny has to be worth a round of applause or two.

The only downer on the night was the fact that I had forgotten the Ipswch Corn Exchange does not bring in proper banked seating for events that require bums to be planted. So the view from the middle of the flat floor was not all that impressive. Must remember to go right to the back couple of rows or the balcony another time if seats in the first few are sold out.

Oh, and contrary to what I said in that earlier post, I now remember I have attended a professional comedy gig once before. David Baddiel and Rob Newman in Felixstowe itself back in 1991 or 2. Will try not to leave it 18 years until next time!

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