Monday, February 22, 2010


Protest 1
Originally uploaded by The original SimonB
So how did I spend my birthday yesterday? Mostly getting soaked through to the skin marching along the sea front in order to try and save the Blue Cross centre here in Felixstowe which is threatened with closure. Something to do with the charity wanting to concentrate resources elsewhere and the current site not being suitable for expansion.

As we got our cats from there (Barney RIP and Tawny very much still with us) we felt duty-bound to show our support along with 300 or so others. There is a real feeling in the local press that this shouldn't be allowed to happen, and I hope all the efforts people are going to (not just this one small demonstration) make the decision makers see what a valuable resource our centre is. They may not be able to get bigger, but they do a great job locally and it would be a real shame to lose it.

Oh, we went out for a lovely meal in the evening after drying out again and I got lots of nice presents as well!


Ishouldbeworking said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the soaking was worth it!

Cocktails said...

Yes, happy birthday to you and hope the campaign is a success.

Simon said...

Cheers both. Hopefully they will make the right decisions.

Piley said...

hope you had a great day.


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