Friday, October 03, 2003

I'm sure the time will come again when I have the chance to make more regular (possibly even daily) entries once again, but I can't see that being particularly soon. Mind you, better to be busy than bored.

So what have I been up to this week then? Checking timetables, sorting park & ride stuff, checking timetables, having a one to one with new joint group record of 23 items on the list and more general timetable checking. I'm sure we will get the damn books printed one of these days, but it does seem like a real struggle once again this edition. Bloody bus companies changing their minds all the time over what they want to run.

Joan went back to work on Tuesday and not really much has changed. The new stockroom lad is OK but needs a bit more training before he'll be really useful, and Marion is as dippy as ever. She went home at 4 on Tues leaving Joan on her own, on her first day back, with a delivery due (it hadn't arrived by the time we gave up and left just after 6). Not a very promising welcome. Wednesday wasn't much better and by lunchtime yesterday (her day off!) Joan was not in a good state. Cathy the counsellor had been and was not best pleased at the way things were going on, which left Joan in a bad way. I went home at 12 to be with her and hopefully did the right things by being there for her. We left a number of messages with the area manager, but he never called back which didn't help matters either. He should be calling her at work this afternoon so hopefully that will help resolve a few issues. I'm waiting for a call to tell me how it went before I pass judgement though.

Fingers are crossed though for things to get better.

Have now finished the video games book. It was very interesting if not at all what I was really hoping for in the pages. It was mainly a history of the companies and personalities involved in the American industry with a bit of detail on Europe and Japan thrown in for good measure. And as stated before console dominated. I guess what I really want is some sort of encyclopedia of the games themselves. Perhaps I will have to write it.

Have now started Stephen Donaldson's Gap series (Sci-fi not about clothes retail) with volume one: The Gap Into Conflict - The Real Story. Just scene-setting in the pages I've turned so far but it is looking quite good.

We are also entertaining ourselves at home with new purchase Super Bust-A-Move All-Stars on the Gamecube. Yet another iteration on the Puzzle Bobble theme but I felt we needed a version to use downstairs on the big telly as well as the one on the PC so it just had to be bought. A few slightly annoying changes over the original but most of the pure gameplay is there unaffected.

Right, back to my P&R newsletter writing...

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