Sunday, September 28, 2003

I feel terrible. Friday was, as mentioned, the last of the big trips to Colchester for general mouth abuse. Talk about saving the worst for last. Not only do I feel like he spent the whole time smacking me in the face, I look like it too - all swollen and bruised. Great fun. It was also the most painful of the lot to actually go through, even adding extra anaesthetic half way through didn't really help. So I am back on the anti-biotics and also pumped full of ibuprofen to keep the pain bearable. Lots of soup and mashed potatoes are also helping to kep me alive...

Not much else to say really. Am generally just feeling down over the whole thing and not particularly wanting to go to work tomorrow. But not really "ill" enough to stay home either.

Have started a book for the first time since coming back from Switzerland. Hadn't wanted to until now as I couldn't be bothered getting deeply involved in anything. Instead I was wandering my way through some of the stockpile of interesting articles sent over by Monica in Seattle. I feel a bit bad about the length of time some of them had been sitting around waiting for me to investigate, but then I do view reading as something you have to want to do. Hence they come out when I want to read but not get lost in a plot or major discussion. So, what I am now reading is The Ultimate History Of Video Games by Steven L. Kent. It is proving both fascinating and frustrating in equal measure. The former because although I sort of know a bit about the stuff that interests me there is loads in here that is new (or at least puts flesh on the bones of rumour) and it is genuinely interesting stuff. The latter because it is very USA-centred and only really deals with arcade and console games, while I grew up with a very British computer. Still, good so far despite those flaws.

Joan now out buying plants while I sit here and feel gloomy.

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