Wednesday, April 30, 2003

My mouth hurts again. Yup, another tooth out yesterday - that in itself is fine, it's the spot where he stuck the needle in to numb me up that hurts (as usual). The tooth actually came out easier than the first one and I didn't even have to stop him for a rest half way through the pulling process this time. I was about to when he stopped himself to change pliers or something and two seconds later it was out. And less blood than the other one too.

Otherwise yesterday is nothing much to write about. Having got up early ish for breakfast I then went back to sleep until nearly 11! And the afternoon was spent lazing about reading as well. So now I am at work again, clear in my head what to do with the area books (full scale delay, major checking and poking to ensure as good as we can get accuracy) and possibly even ready to do some of the work on them this afternoon.

OK, so as I type this I am waiting for 100 or so pages of book 5 to print out and if the speed doesn't pick up on the printer that's about all I will get done today! Mind you, I had a pretty good meeting this morning with a chap from the Ipswich hotels association about doing more to promote Park & Ride through them so I will still have managed something constructive today. And during that sentence my eagerly awaited reports on whether it is possible to change the layouts at the existing P&R sites has been delivered, so a little light reading there for me.

Speaking of light reading, I guess I should update that section of my musings while I am at it today. Finished off The Riddle And The Knight and enjoyed it thoroughly. Looking forward to reading the other two books I have by Giles Milton over the coming months. I have also started and finished volume two of the Otherland series by Tad Williams - River of Blue Fire. That was absolutely superb, moved the plot of the saga along nicely, introduced a whole load more in the way of subplots, motivations, group dynamics and the like. Really building nicely and I'm so glad I have parts 3 and 4 ready for when I want to read them rather than having to wait for them to be published. That got to be so frustrating a few years back I decided to just buy each book in sets from Authors I liked but wait for the whole lot to be owned before starting to read them. Am now reading What's In A Name? by Cyril M. Harris which is basically a descriptor of where all the names of the stations on the London Underground come from, what they mean etc. So more another book about London than one about trains as such, and again very interesting but also very short so I don't see it still being in active service at the end of the week.

I think that's all I'm going to say today. But still plan to add films watched over the last month at some point.

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