Thursday, January 02, 2003

Woohoo. Happy New Year and all that.

Had a pretty quiet day yesterday after staying up to the wee small hours watching telly on NYE. Joan at work 12-4 so I just did a bit of music listening and preparing of tables, veggies and the like before Ma, Pa, Richard and also Jerry came along for dinner. That went really well and after they got over the surprise of Jerry being there Ma & Pa were on great form. And they managed to get more chat out of him than I've ever heard. We'd suspected he'd had a few different jobs in the past and been a bit of a wide-boy/wheeler-dealer in the past but now we know it for certain. Seems to have done everything from selling truck parts to running his own haulage company to driving paint tankers. Also whiskey and wine tankers, which always arrived at their destinations slightly emptier than they started!

Still quiet in the office today, which is nice as I can't say I've done anything that could be counted as work yet... Popped out at lunchtime as couldn't be bothered to make lunch this morning. Ended up spending the best part of 60 quid on the Iron Maiden box set. Ooooops. Oh well, it had to be owned.

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