Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Time for the last entry of 2002.

I think I'll leave the reflection on the year stuff until another day as there are one or two crappy things that stick out and they need to be put into a proper perspective.

Anyway, another quiet day in the office today. The queues had dropped to tolerable levels in town today so I actually spent some money at lunch time. A couple of low-fat cookbooks Joan was after and also a couple of DVDs (The Italian Job and War Games). No plans for anything major tonight to see in 2003 as Joan has to work tomorrow. Bloody Argos. Even Woolworths aren't opening. I guess they will be so quiet that everyone will agree it was a waste of time and not try it again for a couple of years or absolutely hammered with customers. Not sure which option I'd put my money on though.

So, have a happy New Year one and all. See you in 2003.

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