Monday, December 09, 2002

What a fun and busy weekend that was.

After a very rushed dinner on Friday night (and a chaotic search for Joan's missing Argos card, followed by cancellation of said when it failed to turn up) we picked up Ma & Pa and went down to the Spa for the FMT Pantomime. They go because Dad used to be involved backstage and we go for a laugh. Cinderella this year. On the whole it was pretty good, although the first part was a bit too long, being stretched out by a couple of unnecessary dance routines that were probably only squeezed in to get value out of some of the hired-in costumes! Still, all silly fun and Mum won a plant in the raffle.

Saturday Joan was at work and had her Christmas Dinner in the evening so I was pretty much left to my own devices. The day got split into Ironing (never) complete with DVD commentaries (Gladiator and another of the ones from American Pie 2) and computery fun. Some of which Richard came along for. Not managed to crack any more levels on Super Monkey Ball, and Pikmin is driving me nuts trying to work out how to get past some of the beasties without getting too many of my little chaps killed, but fun all the same. Not much else to say really! Joan had a great meal and enjoyed herself lots dancing afterwards.

Yesterday we did our big Christmas Shopping trip to Ipswich. Came in on the Park & Ride and got practically everything we were after. OK, so we also ended up doing the usual trick of buying ourselves stuff while we were out but I think we managed to justify all that to ourselves. Then when we were broke we went to the cinema to see Harry Potter 2 which rounded off the day nicely. Another good book to screen translation although obviously some bits had to be changed and cropped to make it fit in the time. The cast were also all superb once again, and I'm not sure how they will do the next one as well - especially after the death of Richard Harris. The only real downer was too many adverts beforehand and a lack of trailers, so I can't even get excited about forthcoming features (other than Lord of the Rings 2 of course).

Today at work has been chilly but otherwise busy. OK, so I could have been a little bit less busy if I'd worked all day rather than catching up on the weekend's events on the Llamasoft forum but hey... They had a meet up over the weekend I couldn't get to so the least I could do was read the reports. Also got some more presents for Joan (hey, I was paying attention to her hints yesterday) as well as a couple of CDs for me as part of an offer - Halford/Resurrection (which I have listened to this afternoon while working) and the 4th Feed Your Head compilation of hippy dance stuff.

Now to go home and relax a bit!

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