Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Forgot to look yesterday, but today the junk has gone. So much for Junkwatch as a feature! I'll have to think of something else to keep track of.

Seemed to spend most of the weekend putting together, taking apart again as they didn't fit, re-assembling to a new design I thought up and then staining the new CD shelves for the lounge. The end result looks a bit dodgy at the moment but I am sure they will be OK when they are up and stuffed with shiny discs. If not then it was £60 down the drain and a new idea will be sought. If only the whole house didn't have to be colour-co-ordinated all the time. Also ordered the carpet for the lounge, which means I will have to paint it this weekend coming and went round to Ma & Pa's for dinner on Sunday. Although it was just with Ma & Richard as Dad is in Denmark visiting his cousin. Swine.

Yesterday was again fairly tedious worky stuff. Much like today really. Although this morning did feature a trip up to Bury Road Park & Ride for the annual Secured Car Park inspection. We passed again so that was OK. And I was able to do a bit of shopping on the way back to the office. Roll on Friday and Payday so I can do a LOT of shopping!

Hopefully when I get home tonight there will be a message on the answerphone telling me that my new glasses have arrived. That will give me the excuse to leave early tomorrow as I really want them now. Not because the current pair are just too weak for me any more but more to do with general lust for face furniture. Designer frames are just so wonderful! And they are of a design which shouldn't grip the head so tightly and thus I may be able to get rid of the dents in my skull.

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