Monday, October 14, 2002

Oh, alright then. Maybe this week I'll get something written every day on the day. Don't go holding your breath though. So, back through the old time machine again to Thursday last week.

A day about which the work related part of my mind seems to be completely empty. Hmm. I must have done something constructive, but I'm blowed if I can recall what. I know they found the problem with the shutter at Argos though - instead of wiring it up properly on its own circuit, the fitter took a spur from the shop lighting rig. That operates on a timeswitch hence them not being able to open it until the lights came on at 0855. This has now been sorted and hopefully our days of late night visits to the shop will be over. Especially as Peter who lived closest has now moved up to Trimley which theoretically means we ought to be first on the list.

At home we had a bloke in as well. After 6 years in the house of thinking about it we now have individual thermostats fitted to all the radiators which should save us a bit of dosh on the heating bills. Plus we can finally use the fire properly in the lounge without the rest of the house going cold. Whoopee.

Friday was a Park & Ride themed day mainly. Some work on the accounts, some hanging around on street corners waiting for the buses to deliver them some posters and some wandering down to the post office to send cromalins off by Special Delivery. Our post people not being able to handle that sort of technical detail. I'm quite keen on any excuse to get out of the office, but it could have been a bit warmer.

Saturday Joan was at work again (she's off this Sat though, hoorah) so I did the usual music (lots of Wonder Stuff as I am doing some minidiscs for DTJ) and film (American Pie 2 plus one of the 4 commentaries) whilst ironing in the main. Also went round to Ma & Pa's as cousin Christian was up with his brood. Nice to see them again. Also loads more done on the extension since I was last there. I also surprised Joan by turning down an X-box even though the price has come down again. I'm just hoping that will lead to a cut for the cube as well soon.

Yesterday was another looking around at things to do in the house day. Went up to the big (OK, enormous) B&Q up by Bury Road Park & Ride and have now almost definitely decided we will be attempting laminate flooring in the lounge. I'm just not sure (a) what we will do with all the wires currently hidden under the carpet and (b) how to get around skirting boards. But as the answer to (a) may be to replace the skirting boards with hollow ones to run the wires through it might not be an issue. Also managed to squeeze in KFC for lunch. We know it ain't good for us but it does taste so nice.

In the evening Joan & Helen did the Bingo thing again (and lost again). There was also the watching of Panorama which was about the anti-depressant I'm taking at the moment. Seems likely it can actually cause some of the symptoms it is meant to be treating, which could explain a lot of the crap I went through last year when the dose was upped. Also the fact that when I tried to come off them earlier this year I had to go back on again. Am seeing the doctor on Friday to see what's what.

Today it is more P&R but no excuses to hang about on street corners. Did take a wander over to the Council Chamber at lunchtime as this week is stress-busting week and they were offering some sort of relaxation and information event. Turned out to be a waste of a walk really - just a few leaflets with nothing new in them and a couple of people doing Indian Head Massage with big queues. So I didn't bother sticking about.

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