Thursday, October 17, 2002

Drat, and double drat. Beaten again by the curse of intermittent posting. Still, I do have a work-related excuse for a change. We had a Business Plan away day at the Novotel in town. Not the most scintillating place to be, but the food was superb. Hot bacon rolls and cheesey croissants in the morning break, a 3 course lunch with choice of 4 main dishes (I had char-grilled prok with cinamon and apple) and cream scones in the afternoon. I was quite good and had no starter or dessert at lunch and avoided the scones entirely (well, they weren't done with proper cream!).

However, other than fat stomachs I'm not really sure what we acheived. Lots of discussion and buzzwords flying about, but how much of it will make the final cut I couldn't say. Will be interesting to read it though, and I have also volunteered for the working group to pull it together and try to get stuff implemented. Sucker for punishment, that's me.

Then haircuts and a relaxing evening.

Today it is all Park & Ride Christmas leaflets and calenders to keep me busy.

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