Friday, September 27, 2002

Where did the last two days go? Oh yes, now I remember, working for a change! Big timetable changes happening on Monday and we have all been a bit heads down producing the material to go in 105 or so cases. We even had members of management cutting and pasting bits of paper on to card, which was a bit of a turnip for the books. And today I have got the job of staying in the office answering the phone while lots of other people are out doing the sticking stuff in cases bit. Much as I would have liked a day out of the office I can't say I'm too disappointed. With that many stops to visit it won't be much fun even though the sun is shining in defiance of normal roadside rules.

I have managed to get my Park & Ride leaflets and bus graphics ordered as well, but not much else. OK, perhaps a bit of MP3 downloading and listening to, but that's all. Today I recomend Dreamtime 909 to one and all. Roll on tomorrow when I can get some more comitted to minidisc.

Joan is doing a lot better now. Stil wearing the collar (although not as much) and taking the painkillers, but in better spirits if nothing else. Her back woman gave her a bit of acupuncture last night which seems to have helped. There's something else I've never experienced. I'll be prepared to give it a try sometime though as the thought of the needles doesn't scare me.

Other than being totally zonked out most nights, we did manage to give Charlie's Angels a spin on the DVD player. Much funnier than I remember it being the first time we watched it and we also took a quick look at some of the extras this time too. But mainly we've not been doing much this week. Tonight we are going round to the White Horse for dinner with Ma & Richard (Dad is away working) which should be nice. Always reliable for tasty food if nothing else.

In Car Entertainment over the last few days has been:

Renegade Soundwave - Howyoudoin?
Chumbawamba - Readymades
Papa Brittle - Obey, Consume, Marry, Reproduce
Eat Static - Abduction

Let's just say I am enjoying having the cd player in the car fully.

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