Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The what to listen to after Iron Maiden ends decision turned out to be extremely easy to make. After writing that lot I went in to town and got the new Levellers album - Green Blade Rising. What I've heard of it so far is superb and brought me in to the office with a big smile on my face rather than the usual resigned expression of mild boredom and disinterest. It also has the video for Come On and a screensaver on the disc so I think that will pay a visit to the PC at home before long. The only thing wrong with it so far is that the total running time is only a fraction over 37 minutes. Boo, want more! Which means I did need to choose another cd after all to help get me home so that ended up being Xentrix - Dilute To Taste a mix of studio and live tracks put out as a stop-gap between their second and third albums.

Last night was both fun and frustrating in equal measure. Joan survived the return to work physically, but was still freaked out as her boss was on the warpath. No, welcome back, hope you are feeling better, don't do too much lifting. Just straight into moans and complaints. Not a great way to start a week. Luckily she is off today and has also been able to speak to Jacqui at Ipswich and get a better perspective on things. She's going to a meeting with her on Thursday which should also help.

I was also frustrated after once again the BBC pulled off a program I wanted to watch, presumably because someone somewhere would object to it being broadcast at the moment due to it reflecting events in the news. Even though it was filmed months ago with no idea of what would happen in the real world. That was Waking The Dead of course. They still showed an old one though which was probably just as grizzly and likely to offend, just not linked to the news of the day. I wonder when we will get to see it.

Luckily, the new series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks started. Still the funniest music-related quiz show in the history of music-related quiz shows. And likely to get better and better now Bill Bailey has replaced Sean Hughes as a team captain.

Today has been slow so far - just waiting for corrections back from Pindar. I never got to the vinyl people last night so will definitely do that today. What I can do is give today's MP3.com recommendation - Trancient Dreams. Listening to their stuff now, very mellow and atmospheric.

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