Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Hey hey, managed to get approval on my revised livery for the new P&R buses so if I can get this poxy computer to stay on for more than 20 minutes at a time without crashing I will get a bunch more printouts of the design and shop for quotes. Actually, now I think about it quotes aren't needed as I'm going to have to put up with adverts on the buses through the sponsorship deal, so will just get whoever does the adverts to do them to save multi-visits and cock-ups.

And we have also had the first batch of files back from Pindar for all the new services to check. Which means that apart from sitting around restarting this piece of junk I have actually been able to do some useful work today. I feel quite refreshed by that.

Joan much improved today but still staying off until next week. I had to take a message from her to the acting manager at Ipswich store today. Who also happens to be one of my old staff from Newmarket. Good to see her getting on I guess, but rather her than me. At some point every day I still find time to thank fate that I don't work for Argos any more. Mind you, she is probably earning more than me now as Ipswich is a big store in Argos terms. Plus she is claiming mileage from Newmarket and back every day while here.

Another vegging in front of the telly evening last night. Well, it was Holby and Waking The Dead so I guess we have an excuse. Still, hopefully Joan will be up to a resumption of our evening walks at some point if not the full bodybalance experience. Although that would be a complete restart from scratch if we did go back. Not much on tonight though.

We have finally got round to watching The Osbournes too. Been meaning to since they started showing it but events have conspired against us. Top quality "reality" tv (well, how real is the life of Ozzy for cripes sake??). I do enjoy his bewilderment.

Apart from the in-car Maiden (now on to A Real Live One but will be missing A Real Dead One as I only have it on minidisc) I have mainly been listening to stuff from the internet today. First two minidiscs full of Bassic which I found and recorded last year sometime. Really good ambient floaty trippy stuff that assisted my passage through proof checking and lunchtime. Now some bits by a chap calling himself Cruel Brittania. A bit like Diffusion - a mix of original dance stuff and unofficial remixes/cut 'n' paste jobbies. I do like the web some days, it provides me with sanity-preserving entertainment, wise words and some good games to play. What more could I ask for?

Oooh, just bit into a Kit Kat Chunky to find no biscuit in it, just lots of loverly choccie. Haven't had that happen for years. Mmmmmmm.

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