Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Another day of waiting for things to happen really. Well, a morning of that so far anyway! To pass the time I have finished re-jigging my Park & Ride leaflets and not until after printing them for others to look at found the most glaring error - on both of them. A stop on the wrong side of the road now they are all moving. How could I forget to move one? That's why I'm re-doing them for pity's sake. Oh well, if that's the only error I'll be happy. Now if only some timetables would come back for checking we would all be happy.

Had a quiet afternoon yesterday doing much the same as this morning which lead nicely into a quiet ish evening too. Of course there was a bit of shouting in Waking The Dead but then there always is. Looking forward to part 2 tonight!

Am getting nicely in to ...Shimmerism and wish I could just blatantly pull it out of my bag to read now while waiting for stuff to arrive. I haven't had the courage yet to sit at my desk in a busy office with a book and claim to be on a smoke break (well, if the smokers can stop working for 10 minutes in every hour why can't I?) but I have been known to browse in quieter periods when every other slave is out. Of course when I was at Argos (especially in Newmarket) I generally managed to get everything for the week done early so I could spend most of Friday afternoon turning pages in the stockroom between sending things down the conveyor belt. But then I was in charge of the stockroom and able to decide if I needed extra help or not. And I didn't have the internet there for proper time-wasting.

Joan is feeling a bit better again today - less pain and less swelling - but has been to see the Doctor anyway. And now I can't get hold of her by mobile or normal phone so I don't know what he said. I'm sure there is nothing sinster to worry about and she will probably be OK to go back to work next week - if she will refrain from lifting the heavy stuff - but I'd still feel better if I could speak to her. EDIT - she's called now and is doing OK.

Update the Irons!: to mangle a phrase from their sleeves. Anyway, since coming back to work last week the car has been full of the sounds of Somewhere In Time, Maiden England (live video which I have a CD of the soundtrack for - this stood in for Seventh Son... having only just listened to that), No Prayer For The Dying (which I seem not to have listened to for years and had forgotten just how good parts of it were) and now we are on to Fear Of The Dark which was Bruce Dickinson's last album with the band before he re-joined a couple of years ago. Again, I seem to have neglected this one too. Naughty Simon! Probably due to having obtained these on CD in the first place rather than vinyl that has since been replaced - and the replacements have got played more to make up for not having a proper record player available. Or something.

Time for lunch now...

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